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  • Abitrion

    The governmental center of the Planetary Union. The star Abitrion is orbited by two planets, Abitrion Major and Abitrion Minor. [[Star Systems | List of star systems]]

  • Harmas

    The star Harmas is a little yellow sun orbited by a single planet, also called [[Harmas (planet) | Harmas]]. [[Star Systems | List of star systems]]

  • Nebrith

    Known to humans as the “Alphabet System” because of its 26 planets, which are called (by human scientists) A-Z by distance from the star. Thanks to the star Nebrith's huge size (and various quirks of orbit), all the nearer planets (A-U) are habitable; the …

  • Choux

    Choux is a strange system. The big star, located on the fringes of civilized space, is orbited by 47 planets, many of which have half a dozen or more moons. All the planets are gaseous except the 21st out from Choux, an inhospitable desert planet with no …

  • Burke's World

    The mostly-human-and-halfling Burke’s World (a/k/a “The Planet Nobody Wanted”), in orbit around [[Choux]], is a home to smugglers, pirates, and the like. It’s a small, harsh, dry dust world with no meaningful resources. In addition, the complexities of …

  • Harmas (planet)

    The “fringe outpost” of the Planetary Union, Harmas is the sole planet of the [[Harmas | star of the same name]]. It represents law at the fringes of society. Harmas is naturally a dry, dusty planet, though not too inhospitable. Terraforming is …

  • Gorma-Kaiochlabar

    Not much is known about the home star of the [[Illithid | illithid]], as no Union ship has ever ventured that deep into the [[Illithid Reach]] and lived to tell the tale.

  • Planet G

    The 7th of the so-called [[Nebrith | "Alphabet System,"]] the 26 planets orbiting the star Nebrith, Planet G is known to everyone in the galaxy. It is far and away the most abundant source of corvallium, the resource necessary for faster-than-light travel …

  • Dustpoint

    Often called "The Moving City," Dustpoint is a ramshackle temporary city on [[Harmas (planet) | Harmas]], located at the current edge of the terraformed sector. As the terraforming spreads, Dustpoint moves, so that it's constantly on the edge of the …

  • La Breeze

    La Breeze is a seedy underworld bar in [[Dustpoint]] on [[Harmas (planet) | Harmas]]. It is well-known for its neon chandelier.

  • Latimer

    Latimer is the capital city of [[Harmas (planet) | Harmas]], and the seat of the [[Planetary Union]] in this sector of space.

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