Planet G


"The Red Door, Pt. 1"

Players: Miles, Glenn, Dan, Mike, Luke

The party investigates the fire on their ship and discovers that it’s a complete loss. Jauer finds the trail of a single medium-sized humanoid leading to and from the ship, however, and traces of accelerant that strongly suggest arson. Following the tracks for a few miles, they come upon a scientific compound out in the wilds. Knocking on the door, they are admitted by the overly friendly Dr. Neova, an old aelfar scientist who appears to live here alone. However, they quickly determine that Neova was responsible for destroying their ship. He tells them that they can take his land vehicle to the city, but he lost his keys in the lab. Pushing the old doctor ahead of them, they enter the lab, where the door slams shut behind them.
Neova begins panicking, telling them that they’re stuck in there and it’s too late. The lab turns out to be a hologram, and it disappears, revealing combat robots that the party quickly dispatches. Still pushing Neova ahead of them, the party explores what now appears to be some combination of a disused genetics lab and a dangerous maze in which Neova has been trapping people and taping them. He says he doesn’t often watch the tapes, but merely sends them on. To whom he sends them is not exactly clear.
One room contains a table that is trapped to release deadly gas when credit chips are removed from it, but the table also contains a plastic card that, when touched, plays a prerecorded audio message. A female voice with a faint aelfar accent says, “On the table are three stacks of 150 credits. You may take them, but if you do, deadly poisonous gas will begin flooding this room immediately. How greedy are you?” Stanch jams the pressure plates on the table and B145-T takes the credits and the card.
A few doors later, the doctor is horribly killed by a mutant man-spider. The party dispatches five of these creatures in their darkened halls. On one of the other doors leading to this area they find another plastic card that says, in the same voice, “Please be careful! This door is locked for a reason!”
Next they open a door locked with a fairly simple puzzle, but choose to head back and clear out the areas they haven’t explored before moving forward. Here they find a spiraling hallway that leads to a gas-trapped door (which Stanch headbutts open without thinking) opening into a supply closet. Hidden in the supply closet is a small metal box full of money, and another card that says, “Perhaps you should be congratulated for finding this hidden treasure, but perhaps you should be ashamed that your greed led you to dig through a closet full of supplies searching for money.”
Next the party discovers a room where tests have clearly been run. In a center observation chamber are the remains of two fleets of tiny ships, red and green but otherwise identical. Among the broken little ships are many bones of tiny pilots. Hacking the computers, they discover that this lab was mostly used to do genetic experiments for the aelfar government, trying to create strange new lifeforms for combat (something that Jauer points out is illegal under Planetary law). There also seems to have been some experimentation done in the field of special relativity, as B145-T determines from a series of equations under the heading “Spacetime Geometry of Velocity Time Dilation.” The last experiments in the system were performed about two years ago. The party takes all the information from the computers, including the names of some contacts in the aelfar home system.
Finally, they come upon a series of holding pens that hold the remains of the genetic experiments. One of these is still alive. An attempt at creating a “war dog” mounted with laser cannon gone horribly wrong, this sludgy pile of flesh exudes a sense of pain and sorrow and whispers to Cha’ka, “Help me… help me…” Cha’ka kills it, setting off some sort of death throes that cause the laser cannon to fire at the party.
Having explored this area of the lab, the party now sets out to search the area beyond the puzzle-locked door.

XP: 1000 each
Credits: 188.4 each



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