Planet G


"Pirates of the Forbidden Planet"

Players: Miles, Mackay, Dan, Nick, Mike, Walker

Miranda Simons asks the party to investigate the hawb pirates who attacked the suborbital jumpship, who she believes are not connected with the Hawb Alliance. She gives them the location and time of a smuggling pickup by a ship called the Freeloader, the same ship that attacked their suborbital, and asks them to gather information about what they’re smuggling and for whom.
At the warehouse where the pickup is happening, the party kicks in the doors and gives the smugglers some street justice. They leave most of the hawb tied up for Simons to deal with, but interrogate the pilot, who tells them that the crew of the Freeloader works for a pirate consortium based on Burke’s World. They had picked up a shipment of black-market corvallium from some smugglers based on Harmas, and were supposed to take it back to Burke’s World. (Corvallium is often bought on the black market to avoid the prying eyes of the Planetary Union.)
They head to the Choux system, then torture the pilot (whom they nickname “Stumpy” after Cha’Ka cuts off one of his legs and Tyrax Togg breaks the other) until he agrees to take them to the Freeloader ‘s original rendezvous. Though they know it is a trap, the party agrees to let Stumpy take them to a small asteroid in orbit around Burke’s World. They quickly dispatch the two pirates and ten helper robots that wait for them there. Torturing Zorbo Two-Legs, Stumpy’s superior in the criminal organization, doesn’t get them very far; he seems to enjoy being tortured, even as he earns the new epithet “One-Leg.”
Zorbo is a businessman, however, and sees which way the wind is blowing. He agrees to give them the name of his superior in the organization if they let Zorbo live but promise to kill the superior, thereby saving Zorbo from immediate repercussions. The party agrees, and Zorbo gives them a cartography chip with coordinates for a rendezvous on Burke’s World with Serapi Aun, an eladrin who is as beautiful as she is deadly.
The crew leaves Stumpy with Zorbo and heads for Burke’s World. They land near the rendezvous point and attempt to break into the temporary bunker that Serapi’s crew has set up to await the corvallium shipment. Stanch triggers an alarm, alerting the pirates. They defeat Serapi, her two enforcers, and her robotic guard dog. A combination of torture, lies, intimidation, and diplomacy convinces Serapi to tell them about the organization she works for. She works for a powerful ruler called the Pirate Emperor, but reports to an underling named Duchess Featherstone. Apparently the Pirate Emperor has been stockpiling black-market corvallium, for what Serapi can only assume is an all-out assault on some other planet or system, involving a large armada.
Cha’Ka tears Serapi in half, fulfilling the party’s promise to Zorbo One-Leg. The party then returns to the Freeloader, only to find it aflame, with the corvallium shipment stolen and the ship’s own corvallium stripped away…

XP: 1000 per player
Credits: 151 per player



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