Planet G


"The Dream Eaters"

Players: Luke, Mike, Mackay, Dan, Miles, Nick

The party is taken to jail by Miranda Simons’ Planetary officers. Simons clearly doesn’t recognize them, and the guards seem to be acting strange. In jail, they meet up with Cha’ka and Tyrax Togg, both of whom were jailed for no good reason. Stanch also meets a fence named Borax McGee, who offers to sell off the paintings Stanch had stolen from the embassy. The party is placed next to Varius and Japheth, who were also seized after exiting the embassy. Although told they were taken in for questioning, both the aelfar diplomats and the party seem to have been forgotten about.
Varius tells them that the aelfar ambassador was keeping something in the sub-basement of the embassy behind the door on B3. Deciding that something must be done, the party quickly escapes from jail, taking Varius and Japheth with them. Outside, the inhabitants of the city are clearly acting abnormally; different people act differently, but all clearly have something wrong with them. Varius suggests that they check a safehouse in the shipping district of the city, where he suspects the ambassador would have run. Bak Jauer commandeers a car and the party heads to the safehouse, where Stanch unwittingly picks a fight with the more violent locals. Cha’ka eats a little girl.
Inside the safehouse, the party finds a small, well-guarded inner building. They destroy some automatic laser placements and defeat the ambassador’s bodyguards. Inside the inner building, they find the ambassador himself, driven mad with guilt and fear over what he had done. He is mostly raving, but in moments of lucidity he tells a story of an aelfar expedition finding a strange creature on an outer planet and taking it back to Harmas for experiments. Then, he says, “It woke up and started screaming.”
Dragging the ambassador with them, the party returns to the aelfar embassy. They head directly to B3, and open the door with the ambassador’s key. There they confront the creature and quickly dispatch it, being sure to destroy every remnant of its slimy being. They find evidence that corroborates the ambassador’s story— aelfar scientists had been experimenting on the creature, interested in its powerful psychic abilities. The party determines that the creature, which had been in stasis, awoke and let out a terrible psychic scream that attracted the attention of many malevolent creatures, such as the psychic shades that had been plaguing Harmas and the extra-dimensional predator that they combated when the embassy went into lockdown.
Leaving the embassy, they run into Miranda Simons, who has figured out that the party stopped the madness in the city. She apologizes for jailing them, takes the aelfar ambassador into custody, and tells them there are a few sensitive issues the Planetary Union could use their help with:

•The hawb pirates that attacked the jumpship where the party met Simons were not members of the Hawb Alliance; Simons suspects that they’re related to a larger epidemic of piracy in the area
•The Union needs someone to covertly investigate what exactly the aelfar’s interest was in the psychic creature they kept beneath the embassy
•On a nearby colony planet, the colonists are suddenly being attacked by an alien life-form that they didn’t know lived on the planet

The party decides to investigate the piracy issue.

XP: 1000 per player
TREASURE: 906 credits worth of looted cash, stolen paintings, and reward money, or 151 per player



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