Planet G



Players: Luke, Alex, Miles, Dan, Mackay

The party goes to the Psychics’ and Neuroscientists’ Guild in Latimer to have Scott Murphy examine DeMoray’s body. He takes the body and promises to get back to them with what he finds in a few days.
At a bar near the PNG, the party is approached by an eladrin attache. He asks them to come with him to the aelfar embassy building. At the embassy, they speak with a pair of diplomats, Varius and Japheth. The two are identical twins, although one is aelfar and one eladrin. The diplomats ask them about their experience with the psychic shade, and go so far as to do some light psychic probing. Most of the party resists, but Bak Jauer is unable to, and some of his surface thoughts are revealed. Captain Zaq doesn’t resist, but all his surface thoughts are dirty anyway.
The party is offended by this intrusion, but suddenly, the safeguards on the embassy building go off, putting the compound into lockdown. In the hallway the group is attacked by a shadowy, bug-like creature that seems to be able to phase in and out of reality. They drive the creature off, but as it leaves it snatches Japheth. Varius offers to show them to a secret exist if they rescue Japheth. They determine that he’s being held in the brig, cocooned to the wall by the creature. To get into the brig, they must get the key card belonging to Lario, chief of security. They find Lario in the upper-level ballroom, where he and various other diplomats and visitors had been turned into psychic thralls.
Defeating the psychic zombies, the party grabs Lario’s key card and frees Japheth and some other innocents. They get these others to the secret exit, an elevator hidden in the ambassador’s office that leads to the roof and a subbasement (B3) that doesn’t appear on any maps of the complex. On level B3, the elevator doors open on a blank metal wall with a tiny hole in it. A few members of the party can sense an extremely powerful, extremely evil psychic force emanating from behind this wall.
The party is again attacked by the creature, and defeat it easily in its weakened state. Searching the ambassador’s office, they find a special drawer in his desk that is clearly built to hold the key to the door on B3, but the key is gone. Captain Jaq surmises that the ambassador likely keeps it on his person.
The take the secret elevator to the roof, where they find a Planetary Union SWAT team, led by Miranda Simons, surrounding the building. However, Simons seems not to recognize them, and informs them they’ll be taken in for questioning…

XP: 800
TREASURE: 640 credits worth of stolen paintings, or 128 per player



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