Planet G


"Chasing Dreams"

Players: Mike, Luke, Miles, Alex, Dan

The campaign begins on Harmas, the farthest outpost of the Planetary Union, in the city of Dustpoint. The players have come here for various reasons, but all share one thing in common: a recent attack on their lives. In their own ways, the players have traced their assailants back to a seedy bar called La Breeze, a known hangout for thugs and organized crime types. They do a little digging there, but then are forced to defend themselves from another assault.
Following back from this attack, they catch up to Morbert Grimm, a minor gang chief who’s been sending his thugs against them. They find assassination orders for themselves and a few others at his office. Intimidated, Grimm pretty quickly tells them he was hired by Instance DeMoray, a local drug don. But at DeMoray’s Pleasure Palace, they find him in an opiate haze— strung out, dreamy, and almost incoherent, he is obviously not the fearsome mob boss he once was; his business seems to be run by his lover Tandy Cobalt.
The party hacks (then steals) his personal computer, finding that he did indeed order Grimm to have a group of people assassinated, apparently for no reason. DeMoray wakes from his haze long enough to reveal that he was given orders in a dream to kill a group of people whose faces he saw. Tricking DeMoray into thinking that he is being given more orders, the party gets him to draw a picture of his dream-assailants, which they believe to be near-mythical beings called psychic shades, which are usually the creations of extremely powerful psychics. They knock out DeMoray and steal his body. As she ushers them out, Tandy tells the party that a lot of her clients had bad dreams on one particular night a few weeks ago.
The dream, which was shared by party member Stanch, was that the dreamer was trapped in a glass (or plasteel, or otherwise transparent) egg, and dark shapes were slowly chipping away at the egg, trying to break in. All the dreamers seem to have woken up before the egg was broken, but this dream was the same for all of them.
Following this information, they discover that all of the local drug addicts indeed had a shared nightmare. Doctor Syrek, who runs a clinic in the area, tells them that he’s heard druggies in Latimer did, too. He gives them the name of Scott Murphy, a friend of his at the Psychics’ and Neuroscientists’ Guild in Latimer, who might be able to help.
Just then, a riot breaks out in the street where they had left DeMoray’s body. A psychic shade has indeed infested DeMoray’s mind, and has now broken out and is terrorizing the locals. They put down this threat, then call Scott Murphy in Latimer. He agrees that this is a serious threat, and asks them to bring him the remains of DeMoray’s body.
They hop the next suborbital to Latimer. Once it breaks atmosphere, the little jumpship is attacked by hawb pirates. The group fights off the boarding party and helps Planetary Agent Miranda Simons calm the other passengers so the ship’s tech can patch the hull breach and they can break away from the pirates’ boarding tunnel. The suborbital lands safely in Latimer, and as the party heads for the PN Guild, Simons tells them she was very impressed by how they handled themselves, and she could use a few hired guns like them.

XP: 750 per player
TREASURE: 540 credits, or 108 per player



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