Planet G

"The Red Door, Pt. 1"

Players: Miles, Glenn, Dan, Mike, Luke

The party investigates the fire on their ship and discovers that it’s a complete loss. Jauer finds the trail of a single medium-sized humanoid leading to and from the ship, however, and traces of accelerant that strongly suggest arson. Following the tracks for a few miles, they come upon a scientific compound out in the wilds. Knocking on the door, they are admitted by the overly friendly Dr. Neova, an old aelfar scientist who appears to live here alone. However, they quickly determine that Neova was responsible for destroying their ship. He tells them that they can take his land vehicle to the city, but he lost his keys in the lab. Pushing the old doctor ahead of them, they enter the lab, where the door slams shut behind them.
Neova begins panicking, telling them that they’re stuck in there and it’s too late. The lab turns out to be a hologram, and it disappears, revealing combat robots that the party quickly dispatches. Still pushing Neova ahead of them, the party explores what now appears to be some combination of a disused genetics lab and a dangerous maze in which Neova has been trapping people and taping them. He says he doesn’t often watch the tapes, but merely sends them on. To whom he sends them is not exactly clear.
One room contains a table that is trapped to release deadly gas when credit chips are removed from it, but the table also contains a plastic card that, when touched, plays a prerecorded audio message. A female voice with a faint aelfar accent says, “On the table are three stacks of 150 credits. You may take them, but if you do, deadly poisonous gas will begin flooding this room immediately. How greedy are you?” Stanch jams the pressure plates on the table and B145-T takes the credits and the card.
A few doors later, the doctor is horribly killed by a mutant man-spider. The party dispatches five of these creatures in their darkened halls. On one of the other doors leading to this area they find another plastic card that says, in the same voice, “Please be careful! This door is locked for a reason!”
Next they open a door locked with a fairly simple puzzle, but choose to head back and clear out the areas they haven’t explored before moving forward. Here they find a spiraling hallway that leads to a gas-trapped door (which Stanch headbutts open without thinking) opening into a supply closet. Hidden in the supply closet is a small metal box full of money, and another card that says, “Perhaps you should be congratulated for finding this hidden treasure, but perhaps you should be ashamed that your greed led you to dig through a closet full of supplies searching for money.”
Next the party discovers a room where tests have clearly been run. In a center observation chamber are the remains of two fleets of tiny ships, red and green but otherwise identical. Among the broken little ships are many bones of tiny pilots. Hacking the computers, they discover that this lab was mostly used to do genetic experiments for the aelfar government, trying to create strange new lifeforms for combat (something that Jauer points out is illegal under Planetary law). There also seems to have been some experimentation done in the field of special relativity, as B145-T determines from a series of equations under the heading “Spacetime Geometry of Velocity Time Dilation.” The last experiments in the system were performed about two years ago. The party takes all the information from the computers, including the names of some contacts in the aelfar home system.
Finally, they come upon a series of holding pens that hold the remains of the genetic experiments. One of these is still alive. An attempt at creating a “war dog” mounted with laser cannon gone horribly wrong, this sludgy pile of flesh exudes a sense of pain and sorrow and whispers to Cha’ka, “Help me… help me…” Cha’ka kills it, setting off some sort of death throes that cause the laser cannon to fire at the party.
Having explored this area of the lab, the party now sets out to search the area beyond the puzzle-locked door.

XP: 1000 each
Credits: 188.4 each

"Pirates of the Forbidden Planet"

Players: Miles, Mackay, Dan, Nick, Mike, Walker

Miranda Simons asks the party to investigate the hawb pirates who attacked the suborbital jumpship, who she believes are not connected with the Hawb Alliance. She gives them the location and time of a smuggling pickup by a ship called the Freeloader, the same ship that attacked their suborbital, and asks them to gather information about what they’re smuggling and for whom.
At the warehouse where the pickup is happening, the party kicks in the doors and gives the smugglers some street justice. They leave most of the hawb tied up for Simons to deal with, but interrogate the pilot, who tells them that the crew of the Freeloader works for a pirate consortium based on Burke’s World. They had picked up a shipment of black-market corvallium from some smugglers based on Harmas, and were supposed to take it back to Burke’s World. (Corvallium is often bought on the black market to avoid the prying eyes of the Planetary Union.)
They head to the Choux system, then torture the pilot (whom they nickname “Stumpy” after Cha’Ka cuts off one of his legs and Tyrax Togg breaks the other) until he agrees to take them to the Freeloader ‘s original rendezvous. Though they know it is a trap, the party agrees to let Stumpy take them to a small asteroid in orbit around Burke’s World. They quickly dispatch the two pirates and ten helper robots that wait for them there. Torturing Zorbo Two-Legs, Stumpy’s superior in the criminal organization, doesn’t get them very far; he seems to enjoy being tortured, even as he earns the new epithet “One-Leg.”
Zorbo is a businessman, however, and sees which way the wind is blowing. He agrees to give them the name of his superior in the organization if they let Zorbo live but promise to kill the superior, thereby saving Zorbo from immediate repercussions. The party agrees, and Zorbo gives them a cartography chip with coordinates for a rendezvous on Burke’s World with Serapi Aun, an eladrin who is as beautiful as she is deadly.
The crew leaves Stumpy with Zorbo and heads for Burke’s World. They land near the rendezvous point and attempt to break into the temporary bunker that Serapi’s crew has set up to await the corvallium shipment. Stanch triggers an alarm, alerting the pirates. They defeat Serapi, her two enforcers, and her robotic guard dog. A combination of torture, lies, intimidation, and diplomacy convinces Serapi to tell them about the organization she works for. She works for a powerful ruler called the Pirate Emperor, but reports to an underling named Duchess Featherstone. Apparently the Pirate Emperor has been stockpiling black-market corvallium, for what Serapi can only assume is an all-out assault on some other planet or system, involving a large armada.
Cha’Ka tears Serapi in half, fulfilling the party’s promise to Zorbo One-Leg. The party then returns to the Freeloader, only to find it aflame, with the corvallium shipment stolen and the ship’s own corvallium stripped away…

XP: 1000 per player
Credits: 151 per player

"The Dream Eaters"

Players: Luke, Mike, Mackay, Dan, Miles, Nick

The party is taken to jail by Miranda Simons’ Planetary officers. Simons clearly doesn’t recognize them, and the guards seem to be acting strange. In jail, they meet up with Cha’ka and Tyrax Togg, both of whom were jailed for no good reason. Stanch also meets a fence named Borax McGee, who offers to sell off the paintings Stanch had stolen from the embassy. The party is placed next to Varius and Japheth, who were also seized after exiting the embassy. Although told they were taken in for questioning, both the aelfar diplomats and the party seem to have been forgotten about.
Varius tells them that the aelfar ambassador was keeping something in the sub-basement of the embassy behind the door on B3. Deciding that something must be done, the party quickly escapes from jail, taking Varius and Japheth with them. Outside, the inhabitants of the city are clearly acting abnormally; different people act differently, but all clearly have something wrong with them. Varius suggests that they check a safehouse in the shipping district of the city, where he suspects the ambassador would have run. Bak Jauer commandeers a car and the party heads to the safehouse, where Stanch unwittingly picks a fight with the more violent locals. Cha’ka eats a little girl.
Inside the safehouse, the party finds a small, well-guarded inner building. They destroy some automatic laser placements and defeat the ambassador’s bodyguards. Inside the inner building, they find the ambassador himself, driven mad with guilt and fear over what he had done. He is mostly raving, but in moments of lucidity he tells a story of an aelfar expedition finding a strange creature on an outer planet and taking it back to Harmas for experiments. Then, he says, “It woke up and started screaming.”
Dragging the ambassador with them, the party returns to the aelfar embassy. They head directly to B3, and open the door with the ambassador’s key. There they confront the creature and quickly dispatch it, being sure to destroy every remnant of its slimy being. They find evidence that corroborates the ambassador’s story— aelfar scientists had been experimenting on the creature, interested in its powerful psychic abilities. The party determines that the creature, which had been in stasis, awoke and let out a terrible psychic scream that attracted the attention of many malevolent creatures, such as the psychic shades that had been plaguing Harmas and the extra-dimensional predator that they combated when the embassy went into lockdown.
Leaving the embassy, they run into Miranda Simons, who has figured out that the party stopped the madness in the city. She apologizes for jailing them, takes the aelfar ambassador into custody, and tells them there are a few sensitive issues the Planetary Union could use their help with:

•The hawb pirates that attacked the jumpship where the party met Simons were not members of the Hawb Alliance; Simons suspects that they’re related to a larger epidemic of piracy in the area
•The Union needs someone to covertly investigate what exactly the aelfar’s interest was in the psychic creature they kept beneath the embassy
•On a nearby colony planet, the colonists are suddenly being attacked by an alien life-form that they didn’t know lived on the planet

The party decides to investigate the piracy issue.

XP: 1000 per player
TREASURE: 906 credits worth of looted cash, stolen paintings, and reward money, or 151 per player


Players: Luke, Alex, Miles, Dan, Mackay

The party goes to the Psychics’ and Neuroscientists’ Guild in Latimer to have Scott Murphy examine DeMoray’s body. He takes the body and promises to get back to them with what he finds in a few days.
At a bar near the PNG, the party is approached by an eladrin attache. He asks them to come with him to the aelfar embassy building. At the embassy, they speak with a pair of diplomats, Varius and Japheth. The two are identical twins, although one is aelfar and one eladrin. The diplomats ask them about their experience with the psychic shade, and go so far as to do some light psychic probing. Most of the party resists, but Bak Jauer is unable to, and some of his surface thoughts are revealed. Captain Zaq doesn’t resist, but all his surface thoughts are dirty anyway.
The party is offended by this intrusion, but suddenly, the safeguards on the embassy building go off, putting the compound into lockdown. In the hallway the group is attacked by a shadowy, bug-like creature that seems to be able to phase in and out of reality. They drive the creature off, but as it leaves it snatches Japheth. Varius offers to show them to a secret exist if they rescue Japheth. They determine that he’s being held in the brig, cocooned to the wall by the creature. To get into the brig, they must get the key card belonging to Lario, chief of security. They find Lario in the upper-level ballroom, where he and various other diplomats and visitors had been turned into psychic thralls.
Defeating the psychic zombies, the party grabs Lario’s key card and frees Japheth and some other innocents. They get these others to the secret exit, an elevator hidden in the ambassador’s office that leads to the roof and a subbasement (B3) that doesn’t appear on any maps of the complex. On level B3, the elevator doors open on a blank metal wall with a tiny hole in it. A few members of the party can sense an extremely powerful, extremely evil psychic force emanating from behind this wall.
The party is again attacked by the creature, and defeat it easily in its weakened state. Searching the ambassador’s office, they find a special drawer in his desk that is clearly built to hold the key to the door on B3, but the key is gone. Captain Jaq surmises that the ambassador likely keeps it on his person.
The take the secret elevator to the roof, where they find a Planetary Union SWAT team, led by Miranda Simons, surrounding the building. However, Simons seems not to recognize them, and informs them they’ll be taken in for questioning…

XP: 800
TREASURE: 640 credits worth of stolen paintings, or 128 per player

"Chasing Dreams"

Players: Mike, Luke, Miles, Alex, Dan

The campaign begins on Harmas, the farthest outpost of the Planetary Union, in the city of Dustpoint. The players have come here for various reasons, but all share one thing in common: a recent attack on their lives. In their own ways, the players have traced their assailants back to a seedy bar called La Breeze, a known hangout for thugs and organized crime types. They do a little digging there, but then are forced to defend themselves from another assault.
Following back from this attack, they catch up to Morbert Grimm, a minor gang chief who’s been sending his thugs against them. They find assassination orders for themselves and a few others at his office. Intimidated, Grimm pretty quickly tells them he was hired by Instance DeMoray, a local drug don. But at DeMoray’s Pleasure Palace, they find him in an opiate haze— strung out, dreamy, and almost incoherent, he is obviously not the fearsome mob boss he once was; his business seems to be run by his lover Tandy Cobalt.
The party hacks (then steals) his personal computer, finding that he did indeed order Grimm to have a group of people assassinated, apparently for no reason. DeMoray wakes from his haze long enough to reveal that he was given orders in a dream to kill a group of people whose faces he saw. Tricking DeMoray into thinking that he is being given more orders, the party gets him to draw a picture of his dream-assailants, which they believe to be near-mythical beings called psychic shades, which are usually the creations of extremely powerful psychics. They knock out DeMoray and steal his body. As she ushers them out, Tandy tells the party that a lot of her clients had bad dreams on one particular night a few weeks ago.
The dream, which was shared by party member Stanch, was that the dreamer was trapped in a glass (or plasteel, or otherwise transparent) egg, and dark shapes were slowly chipping away at the egg, trying to break in. All the dreamers seem to have woken up before the egg was broken, but this dream was the same for all of them.
Following this information, they discover that all of the local drug addicts indeed had a shared nightmare. Doctor Syrek, who runs a clinic in the area, tells them that he’s heard druggies in Latimer did, too. He gives them the name of Scott Murphy, a friend of his at the Psychics’ and Neuroscientists’ Guild in Latimer, who might be able to help.
Just then, a riot breaks out in the street where they had left DeMoray’s body. A psychic shade has indeed infested DeMoray’s mind, and has now broken out and is terrorizing the locals. They put down this threat, then call Scott Murphy in Latimer. He agrees that this is a serious threat, and asks them to bring him the remains of DeMoray’s body.
They hop the next suborbital to Latimer. Once it breaks atmosphere, the little jumpship is attacked by hawb pirates. The group fights off the boarding party and helps Planetary Agent Miranda Simons calm the other passengers so the ship’s tech can patch the hull breach and they can break away from the pirates’ boarding tunnel. The suborbital lands safely in Latimer, and as the party heads for the PN Guild, Simons tells them she was very impressed by how they handled themselves, and she could use a few hired guns like them.

XP: 750 per player
TREASURE: 540 credits, or 108 per player


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